Changing the way you use technology

Why GPIS Services

GPIS Services is here to help you implement GIS, Data, and Application solutions in a cost effective way. Whether an Internet (Web), Intranet (Internal Network), or a single Desktop solution, GPIS Services will assist you using today’s and tomorrow’s technology to accomplish your goals with an eye on the future.


GIS (Geographical Information System) is a system as the name states. It is hardware, software, and data. This system does more then just make maps; it is used to perform analysis on data for answering questions one may have. Your imagination is the only limitation on the benefits of GIS.

By using data either from within the organization or outside from other sources, it is possible to now analyze the data to answer the questions. Examples may be demographics of income for target mailing, water meter locations and types, total area of crops within a watershed, and parcels for county government where a mouse click on the parcel can bring up the owner, tax information, and any data from a linked database associated with the parcel

By concentrating on the path technology is heading and staying in front, GPIS Services can build Applications that integrate with newer technology thereby preserving your investment.